Our Constitution


The name of the club shall be Gosport Borough Football Club Supporters Club (“GBFCSC”).

2.GBFCSC Year and Audit

The GBFCSC year will run from 01 July to 30 June. Once in every year the accounts of the Club shall be independently audited and prepared for presentation at an Annual General Meeting (AGM).

3. Membership

3.1 Membership is open to any person who:

a) Is a supporter of Gosport Borough FC; or

b) Has an interest in the game of football in Gosport; and

c) Agrees to be bound by these rules and the constitution; and

d) Is not subject to any football related ban or disciplinary action.

3.2 Members are to pay an annual subscription. Membership fees will be decided by the committee.

3.3 Every candidate will complete a membership form and agree to make payment as decided by the Committee.

3.4 All applications and proposals may be considered by the Committee at their discretion to decide whether the candidate should be accepted for membership.

3.5 Membership fees will be due on 01 July each calendar year.

3.6The Committee shall have the power to reprimand, suspend or expel any member who shall infringe any rule or whose conduct shall, in their opinion, render him/her unfit for membership, subject to the ratification of the next meeting of the Committee. Before any such suspension the member concerned shall be given the right to explain his or her conduct to the Committee. A suspended member shall forfeit all rights of membership during suspension. No expelled or suspended member will be entitled to the return of any part of his or her membership fee.

4. Committee

4.1 The Committee will consist of at least 5 members.

4.2The Committee’s duties shall be to conduct the business of the Club and appoint sub-Committees as required.

4.3 The Committee may consist of the following positions: Chairperson, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Administrator/Secretary, Public Relations officer, Projects/events Officer.

4.4 Other Committee positons/roles may be elected/co-opted as required.

4.5All Positions on the Committee will last for one year in accordance with the GBFCSC year (see rule 2.1). After this period the Committee member shall resign but may stand for re-election if they so wish.

4.6 All Committee members must be fully paid up members of GBFCSC.

4.7 All Committee members shall be elected at the Clubs AGM with a majority vote required of those members present and those eligible to vote.

4.8The Committee will meet as required to conduct the Business of the club with the period not exceeding 2 months.

4.9A quorum of at least 4 Committee members must be present in order for a Committee meeting to take place with at least one of the following Committee members present: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer or Administrator/Secretary.

4.10At the discretion of the Committee the position of Honorary Life President may be conferred upon deserving servants of the club.

5. General Meetings

5.1 An Annual General Meeting will be held each season. The Committee will determine its date, time and place.

5.2 All nominations for Committee positions and proposals for changes to rules must be sent in writing to the Administrator/Secretary at least 14 days before the AGM..

5.3 Twenty-one days prior notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Supporters Club shall be given to members.

5.4A quorum of at least 10 members must be present in order for the AGM to take place.

5.5 The GBFCSC Treasurer will present the clubs accounts to the membership.

5.6The Administrator/Secretary may call an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting if required to do so and will give the membership at least 14 days prior notice – An Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called by the membership on written request signed by at least 50% of the membership

6. Changes/Amendments of the rules

6.1 Changes or Amendments to these rules may be proposed by the Committee or by any member.

6.2 All proposals for changes in rules must be sent in writing to the Administrator/Secretary at least 14 days before the AGM.

6.3 An amendment or change to these Rules shall require a majority vote of members present and those eligible to vote.

7. Finance

7.1 GBFCSC shall be self-financing and will operate independently from the Football Club.

7.2The Treasurer shall have responsibility for the finances and shall ensure that proper records are kept for all transactions connected with the club. All monies received shall be paid into an account specific to the club.

7.3Money raised by the Club shall be used to further GBFCSC aims and to support the Football club as a whole.

7.4 Monies raised will be passed to Gosport Borough football Club. The percentage and timing of any monies passed will be decided upon by the Committee, leaving enough funding to cover running costs and further investment.

7.5Accounts of the Club shall be prepared annually and made available for inspection by all Members at the AGM.

7.6Any Committee member is entitled to claim expenses actually and necessarily incurred on behalf of the GBFCSC so long as it is approved by the Committee and supported by associated receipts. The payment should be duly noted in the GBFCSC accounts by the Treasurer.

8. Dissolution of the club

8.1 A motion to dissolve the club shall only be considered at an AGM or EGM of which all members shall have received at least four weeks written notice. The notice of the meeting shall contain the motion to dissolve the Club. A motion to dissolve the club may be proposed by the Committee or by a proposal signed by at least 50% of the membership

8.2 Dissolution of the club will require a majority of the vote of those members present and those eligible to vote.

8.3 On the dissolution of the club any remaining monies after debts have been settled will be given to Gosport Borough Football Club.

9.Away Travel

9.1No alcohol is to be brought onto or consumed on the coach in accordance with the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol) Act 1985.

9.2No smoking will be permitted on the coach.

9.3All U16’s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

9.4Payment for travel must be made at the time of the booking.

9.5 Items which may be considered dangerous will not be permitted to board the coach.

9.6Club Members must keep the coach clean and tidy at all times.

9.7Members are expected to be on time for pickups/departures. No money for travel will be refunded to anyone failing to appear at the advertised departure point and at the advertised time. In the absence of a satisfactory explanation the committee shall have the discretion to decline future bookings of travel to repeat offenders.

10. General

10.1 Anything not covered by these rules will be dealt with by the Committee


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