Who we are!

Who we are!

A few months ago, a group of like minded individuals gathered together to form an association devised to provide a platform for Gosport Borough Fans to enhance the support for their club. Originally born from idea by Alex Clements-Fox for a school Business Studies Project, the idea came to fruition within 5 months.


Our objective is plain and simple! We aspire to achieve a greater profile for the Fooball Club and to raise money for it while doing so. Along the way we hope to have an enjoyable time which is just as important. Our Mission is to retain independence and to be self financing but at the same time to work with the Football Club to achieve the same objective. Progress!


You will see over the next few pages that we have worked on achieving members benefits as well as arranging events, manning the Club Shop and providing affordable transport for away games. Please take the time to have a look at our website and we look forward to welcoming you as a new member.

Add a brief history and objectives. Jeremy to complete.

I have followed Gosport since I was about 8 years old. That’s about 46 years !. It is all my Dad’s fault. He took me to my first game and that was it – I was hooked. I have witnessed many legends playing for the Boro including Richie Coulbert, Johnny Hawes & Tony Mahoney .I have shown an interest in setting up the Supporters Club from the onset and was invited to become Vice Chairman by our current Chairman, Jeremy Fox.

I am currently engaged to Sandra and am about to get married this year. My other interests are Portsmouth Football Club where I have a season ticket and am a shareholder. I also enjoy watching Hampshire play cricket and play a bit of golf, badly!.

38-year-old Supporters Club Chairman Jeremy, has certainly got The Boro in his blood. He joined the Club as a 17 year old in 1995 as a volunteer and is still there some 21 years later. Through his involvement at the Club he has made many friends in the game, travelled extensively visiting many hundreds of grounds across England and Wales and has plenty of stories to tell.


It has been an adventure that has seen him progress from a supporter to a volunteer, then Press Officer in the Club's Wessex League days moving up through the ranks to become Head Of Media in 2013 having also served as Assistant Secretary to Brian Cosgrave and as Programme Editor between 2001-2005 and again between 2011-2014. He also served as the Club's Matchday Announcer between 1996-2008 and again between 2011-2014.


He grew up at the Club with his life usually entwined with that of The Boro.


Using his extensive experience in media and journalism, Jeremy established the Clubs's media team in 2013 giving people hopeful of a career in Media a chance to gain experience and a platform to launch a career which several people have gone on to do. Part of that included live Match day Commentary on the Club's dedicated live channel between 2013 and 2015. The service is being re-launched for the coming season and Jeremy will again be at the helm.


He unexpectedly resigned in September 2015 and left the Club but his absence wasn't to last more than two months. He returned in November in a casual role under new Head Of Media Keith Allen. Now having come full circle, he is purely a supporter helping out the Club once again.


In February 2016 after listening to an idea from his son Alex, Jeremy began driving the idea of the Supporters Club forward helping form an interim committee. The Club now exists with a strong and healthy committee. Jeremy is also serving on the Football Club's Media team again as he prepares for his 22nd season at the Club.

I started supporting the Boro' back in 1992 but not avidly, went along to the odd games, went along supporting Richard (late hubby) who was a lifelong fan. We even held our evening wedding reception in the Clubhouse in 1993.


Favourite players (recent) - Justin, Sam and Nathan

Favourite players (older) - Mark Brown and Neil Scammell.


I have two memorable moments, watching Boro' playing at Wembley as I never thought that would happen and first round of the FA Cup as Louise (my daughter) was a mascot on that day, and she even appeared on Final Score that day when Pikey was being interviewed live on TV, she appeared in the background.


Both of these events are even more memorable because Richard had always dreamt of Boro' achieving these and they both happened after he had left us.

I'll be honest, I'm a relative newcomer! I have lived in Gosport for nearly 20 years having lived at various locations around the country due to work. I am a lifelong Leeds United supporter but have always cast an interested eye towards the welfare of my local side.


I have attended the odd game here and there and having become disillusioned with the prima donnas gracing the higher echelons of the Premier and Football league, I made a conscious decision to support 'The Boro'!


It came to my attention that there was some interest in creating a supporters club, so having had some experience in this area (I was previously the Leeds United Supporters Chairman for the South of England), I offerred my assistance.


So here I am! Looking forward to the progression of the club both on and off the pitch and doing my bit to help where I can.

I've been coming to watch "Boro" for the past 3 years, going to as many games as I can . Please don't hold this against me, I am a life long Saints fan, but I am also a great believer in supporting your local side especially when your husband is Tony Stares, first team coach. Tony introduced me to non league football and I was hooked !!! I've worked as a nurse and now senior sister for the NHS for the past 35 years as well as being a saints fan so have first hand experience of pain, disappointment and frustration, but luckily enough have an excellent sense of humour. I truly believe that anything can be achieved if you work hard enough for it!!!!! So Wembley , here we come ...............again!!!!!! Up the "Boro"

Gosport Borough has always been in my blood from the day I was born as I've grown up with a family who are big Boro' fans. I have been coming to the games since before I can remember, but I started to support the club properly week in week out the season we got promoted out of the Southern league South & West. Since then I have followed the team home and away, from the short trip to Havant to the long trek up north to North Ferriby.


Some of the highlights for me have to be winning promotion to the conference south at Hemel, our big day out at Wembley, and lets not forget the double we did over Havant last season! I also think I proved my loyalty to the club by traveling out and back to Truro in one day last season.


Although you might see it as me making a load of unnecessary noise, playing the drum is my way showing my support for the club and getting a good atmosphere going at games with the 'Barmy Army'.

I started supporting Gosport Borough because it was a chance to watch live football cheaply.


Although it is still for the same reason, it's more to watch your team from a small town do well which gives you some pride in what they can achive. My most memorable moment of supporting the club is beating our local rivals Havant in the Semi-final of the FA Trophy which meant we played at Wembley. It was also the first and only time so far I have been and it was amazing. My first time watching someone at Wembely and to be your own local team!


Nothing can beat that!!

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